The SunWorks™ Solar Food Dryer Kit is now available!

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The SunWorks™ Solar Food Dryer delivers amazing performance! Dries a full load of the juiciest foods with one to two days of sun. Dry your favorite herbs in about 3 hours. Get food as dry as any electric dryer -- with free sunshine! Saves $1 to $2 per load over electric drying.

Perfect for the home gardener with features to make the serious home food preserver happy. Two large food trays provide more than 10 square feet of drying area with 6 pounds capacity per load. Adjustable venting provides temperature control. Light-weight, compact design is easy to use and ready to go when you are.

The SunWorks™ Solar Food Dryer combines direct + indirect solar heating for super-fast results. Special “Z-Flow” airflow further boosts food-drying performance.

The SunWorks™ Solar Food Dryer Kit includes everything you need to get started with 100% solar food drying:

  • Solid wood cabinet and top-quality materials
  • All necessary components and hardware
  • Complete instructions
  • Ready to assemble and start drying!

This is the best way under the Sun to preserve more of your favorite nutritious local produce when it’s available and at its peak of flavor.

Quality made in the U.S.A. to last for years.

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