Screens for Solar Food Dryers

Food dryer screens are the mesh that the food rests on while drying in the dryer. The best screens for solar drying have a number of important qualities that make them suitable for this demanding application.

Several sources for screens for solar food dryer racks are listed in the Resources section of the book, however, subsequent testing has shown that these screens are not ideal for solar dryers.

Due to the challenge of finding really good screens that are well suited for use in solar food dryers, we have done quite a bit of research and are making screens available that meet our standards. See the links below for more information about our "SunScreens."

About SunScreens (includes ordering info)

Screen Installation Guide (pdf) [344 KB file] or html version


Please note that Living Food Dehydrators has said that, due to the limitations of their equipment, they do not wish to offer screens in large enough sizes for the SunWorks Dryer. However, they have smaller sizes in a fine-meshed, woven polypropylene screen.


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