Shipping to Other Areas

Our online sales is geared towards domestic shipping to the contiguous US only. Shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, and other countries is possible, however the shipping costs are high. If you are willing to pay an additional $100 - $200 per unit, we may be able to ship to you.

Keep in mind that our packaging is designed for one-way domestic shipping, not for multi-stage international shipping, so we may not be able obtain insurance or guarantee arrival condition (as we do on domestic orders).

For international orders we have a $25 charge for each order that covers the extra costs we incur, including the processing time it takes to do international shipping, the higher foreign transaction fees, and the preparation of customs documents. If your country has an import duty or tax, this may be an additional cost to you.

If you wish to place an international order, please contact us by email first so that we can make sure you are aware of the higher costs. Thanks!


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