SunScreens for Solar Food Dryers

The SunScreen food screens are ideal for solar food dryer applications because they have the following great features:

  • Made from strong, durable, easy-to-clean polypropylene mesh that does not stick to food items.
  • Screen fibers will not stretch or sag under normal use and temperatures.
  • Mesh has 80% open area for optimal airflow through your dryer. The square mesh pattern has strands every 1/6th inch. (Closer meshes and thicker strands will tend to block airflow.)
  • Thin, flexible and lightweight for easy installation and use, yet strong and tough.
  • The screen fibers are extruded rather than woven. This means that the screen fibers are bonded together and won’t trap food or unravel when cut along the edges, the way woven fibers can.
  • UV protection means these screens will hold up under direct solar exposure.
  • Black color absorbs solar energy, maximizing performance.
  • Normal operating temperature range: 32-200 degrees F (melts at 327 F).

Photo of SunScreenSunScreens are flexible enough to be installed in aluminum frames just like window screens, or fastened across any other type of frame system. Screens can be easily cut to desired size with ordinary scissors or a razor knife.

The black color enhances the performance of directly-heated solar dryers (like the SunWorks SFD) and provides the UV protection necessary for extended life in exposed outdoor conditions. The dark color of these screens absorbs more solar energy resulting in more heat and faster drying for all directly-heated solar dryers. The colorant is a widely-used, non-toxic carbon black coloring commonly used in newsprint, India inks, cosmetics and tattoos. No other chemicals or additives are used in these screens.

SunScreens are manufactured in the USA.

Size: All screens are shipped in sheets cut to approximately 32" by 84". This is enough for three large screens (two SunWorks dryer screens, plus an extra).

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